I joined the 501st in 1999 with an ill-fitting Stormtrooper uniform. At the time there weren’t a lot of options, but Albin (our glorious leader) had this cool idea, and as an early internet adopter I had been following him and his friends for a while, before it started to become “a thing”.

Some of the links and prop builders in these tutorials are outdated but the core elements are still solid.  With resources such as The Dented Helmet and RPF you should be able to find everything you need to get going with a great costume.

If you have any great tips, photos, references or suggestions PLEASE send them over to me. I would love to make these pages as accessible as possible and bring it up to date.

Aside from Star Wars costumes I’ve ran around cons dressed as Harley Quinn, Leeloo, Super Girl (and a “gutter punk” variant) and a “Battle Royale” student.

I have “Miss Argetina” from Beetlejuice in the works, a Han solo “inspired” walking around outfit, I can be found in the silly “sexy R2” black milk suit and when not costuming, I dress like a 17 year old from the late 90s. Wahey!