Costume Tutorial: Boushh

  1. Overview

    This is a bad-ass costume that is gaining popularity with a few people making some nice helmets. It’s a good alternative for those of us who want armour but are too small for trooper gear and want something a little different than Boba Fett. To do a really great version of this costume you’re gonna […]

  2. Undershirt

    My undershirt is constructed of a lightweight cotton body, with suede sleeves, bottom hem and collar. I have attached the centre chest box through the shirt as no one really know how it’s supposed to attach. The suede on the sleeves is the same fabric that we used for the cummerbund so they match perfectly. […]

  3. Tunic

    Sand coloured, fake, ultra suede is the best way to make this part of the costume. It’s very easy to sew and is light weight, which is a major bonus since the rest of the costume is leather or sheepskin! The sleeves should be elbow length. Don’t make them too long! The body length should […]

  4. Cummerbund

    My seamstress accomplished this piece by heatpressing the leather into ridges/pleats and putting some stitches in it, then adding a lining. It looks AMAZING. My seamstress’ instructions! Light to medium weight leather would be best. I used the inside suede part as thats how it looked in the pictures I saw. Leather is cut in […]

  5. Pants

    The colour of my pants is probably wrong but I can’t know because a) the movie is so dark b) every picture I see of the screen used costume is different. What I can tell you is that they are brown. Not too dark, not too light… (The colour looks darker in all my pictures […]

  6. Cape

    Why do bounty hunters wear capes over their shoulders? GREY HERRINGBONE WOOL is what you want. If you cannot get it in grey get it light and dye it. Use an “elephant grey” colour and even if it doesn’t dye perfectly evenly that’s probably better for effect anyhow! i had this cape sewn with ties […]

  7. Gloves and Boots

    These bits can be easily done and then upgraded later. Gloves I bought this pair of sheepskin riding gloves at a boot store that caters to bikers. They were about $14 and are the perfect neutral colour. They get dirty easily but that’s ok! The wrists are hidden under the sleeves of the undershirt so […]

  8. Helmet

    I purchased my helmet off of eBay. It was made by Brian @ Creepy Studios. AI is made of fiberglass, resin and leather. As far as I know he is NO LONGER making helmets and I don’t know that he even checks his email anymore. Your best bet is to join the Bousuhh Builders Group […]

  9. Shoulder Armour
  10. Bandolier

    I bought a bandolier kit, and chest box, from Jamey Ethridge, creator of the Boushh Builder’s Group. The resin pieces simply need to be washed and painted, a few bits could be glued too. The kit was simple and looks great. Thanks Jamey. Email Jamey for your kit today!

  11. Weapons

    Coming soon. (get reference photos in the reference section!) Master Replicas – Thermal Detonator

  12. Reference Files

    Zip file of Magic of the Myth Photographs Zip file of weapons reference Zip file Movie screencaps and official photos

  13. Finished Pictures
  14. Thanks

    Much love and thanks to Nick D. for buying me the helmet and getting this project started! Thanks to Brian at Creepy Studios for making such a kickass helmet! (Note to other costumers – Brian i not, as far as I know, making any more Boushh helmets. I do not have any contact info for […]