This is a bad-ass costume that is gaining popularity with a few people making some nice helmets. It’s a good alternative for those of us who want armour but are too small for trooper gear and want something a little different than Boba Fett.

To do a really great version of this costume you’re gonna have to use leather, or a fake leather alternative. I will tell you now that leather is not easy to work with! You usually need an industrial machine and patience. I DID NOT do my own sewing. I realised after sewing, resewing, re-cutting, buying more fabric and resewing my aurra catsuit (!) that I’m not the sewy type. My wonderful seamstress Neko did the hard work on this one, but I went with her fabric shopping 😉

The overall fabric cost for this costume was about $200. I bought leather from a local store that had a lot mismatched scrap pieces. The pants in particular aren’t totally accurate but with all the styling on them it’s not a huge deal.

Boushh's first appearance at C3